GNTX has been developed by GNTX Asia-Pac Pty Ltd in partnership with Nuffield Consultants Pty Ltd. Nuffield Group is an umbrella name for the people and the work conducted by one or both entities.

No. GNTX is only available to business entities. For example, holders of an Australian or New Zealand Business Number (ABN, NZBN) or holders of a UK Certificate of Incorporation.

Membership is a multi-part process, the first step of which is to register your interest in being a member of GNTX. This initial registration will require you to provide your contact details, including an email address.

Once the application is received a GNTX team member will be in contact with you within 24 business hours to guide you through the sign-up process which requires you to complete an application form and agree to a user agreement.

Yes. Once an organisation is a member of GNTX, the organisation can nominate a list of its people for access to GNTX. All that is required is a valid company email address.

Yes. GNTX is an internet Portal for all members to access each other’s documents. Once registered the facility is automatically available.

Plagiarising the advertised document will be prevented by redacting. Redacting can be performed by the seller or at extra cost, by GNTX. Read our redacting guide for full details of how GNTX redacts published content, and also for a guide on how you can redact your own content prior to submitting a document for publication. This will secure your document IP to the point that theft is highly unlikely.

Preventing plagiarisation of a purchased document is more difficult, but not impossible. Any theft of IP would be a direct breach of GNTX’s terms and conditions and could lead to account suspension & potential legal action against the offender.

As a member-only tool, GNTX retains details of all GNTX users, records of all purchases and details of who viewed GNTX documents, making it easier to trace responsibility for any suspected breach of IP. GNTX’s network of Clients can also assist in tracing any unlicensed use of a document downloaded from GNTX.

If members wish to go a step further in tracing a purchased document’s use, then Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection may be a solution for your organisation to consider.

FAQ “How do I stop my documents being plagiarised?” describes the methods employed to prevent document and IP theft, but even with the best efforts documents and IP may still be at risk. In the event of a document or IP being appropriated illegally, (a clear breach of our terms and conditions), the transgressor would be exposed to legal proceedings. This relies on the ability to positively identify the Company that is in breach. In most instances the threat of legal proceedings and the adverse publicity would be enough of a deterrent.

As with FAQ “How do I stop my documents being plagiarised?”, any suspected breach of the sale terms and conditions will result in an account suspension or in extreme cases termination of GNTX membership.

There is no charge to publish a document in GNTX portal. GNTX charges a 20% commission on each sale which may increase for specific documents if the member has used additional support services available. An example of an additional service is the redacting service.

Several methods are employed to protect GNTX web site against hacking. GNTX is a secure site encrypted with Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and the site loads through a proxy cloud service including a firewall. Strong passwords are enforced for all accounts and the files are stored in a separate cloud server to the web site host. All files and the web site are backed up to enable prompt recovery of the service.

GNTX consider that these measures will deter all but the most determined hackers. In the unlikely event that documents are purchased by an intruder to the site the email generated should alert the Member Organisation to the unauthorised activity. In these instances, GNTX should be contacted immediately.

Members will not be allowed to publish their own documents. GNTX Administrators will do this for you once you have uploaded it to them for checking. There is an online form to fill out which provides all the basic information GNTX Administrators require to put your document up for sale.
Email: thehubadmin@nuffieldgroup.com or call +61 1300 308 257.

GNTX has implemented an administration process which includes a review of your document to ensure it is original content that meets an acceptable standard of quality and accuracy. This is to ensure GNTX maintains a reputation as a source of high-quality information. This also upholds our members’ reputations. GNTX retains the right to refuse to sell a document if it does not meet our publication standards & requirements.

A word document may contain embedded macros that make it easier for GNTX server to be hacked. Zipping a document serves as a quarantine to protect the server.

.    To zip your document:

  1. Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder
  2. Select (or point to) ‘Send to’, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder
  3. A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location
  4. Upload the zipped folder to GNTX website, and we’ll do the rest

GNTX is an online marketplace. It is important to both the buyer and seller that documents are priced competitively in the context of other documents with similar content. Guidelines will be provided to subscribers which will allow a member to nominate a preferred price. GNTX administration team will review these expectations and either agree or provide a suggested, justified alternative. Nominating preferred prices that are considered by GNTX to be a predatory pricing practice will not be accepted.

If you’d like to amend a recent submission, please contact a member of GNTX team directly on +61 1300 308 257 and we’ll make the changes you require

Like most e-commerce systems GNTX allows you to pay directly using a credit card through a secure third-party payment system. The interface allows a member to browse documents and add them to a virtual shopping cart before proceeding to a check out. At this stage the options to pay are displayed.

As GNTX membership increases there may be interest in expanding the options for payment beyond credit cards. An example of which is a “Digital Wallet” system that would allow direct credit to a secure account for use by all nominated persons in a Member’s Organisation.

No.  This avoids the significant overheads of processing payments by this method.  Nuffield consider that the relatively low value of these transactions would not result in an economically acceptable model.  The transaction timescale is a matter of hours rather than months and this is a benefit to both buyer and seller.

Membership of GNTX is subject to an annual membership fee and commission payments based on use. The annual fee covers account management and administration, user support and marketing activities to expand the membership to increase the scale and scope of content available, as well as the number of potential buyers. During the application process members will be required to read and sign a user agreement.

At the completion of the membership process, GNTX will invoice the member for the annual membership fee or the fee can be paid via credit card. Once the fee is received the nominated users from the member organisation will receive an invitation to login. Fees will be advised during the application process.

Once the membership fee is paid and the invitation to login issued, the users will be allowed to access, buy and sell documents for the duration of the annual membership (ie one year). This fee also includes ongoing general administrative tasks, for example, member queries. No additional up-front fees are applied for posting a document for sale, although there may be additional charges for the use of GNTX’s redaction service. Administration fees for sales are recouped by GNTX when the commission is charged on a document purchase.

At the time of the sale, the Member Organisation’s nominated user will receive an email informing them of the sale. This email will detail the revenue they will receive for the sale and the commission payable to GNTX.

GNTX will credit the revenue to the Members account within 60 days of the sale. GNTX requires this period to reconcile the transaction against the Member Organisation’s agreement and to deduct GNTX commission.

Membership can be cancelled at any time with written notice. GNTX will require up to 30 days to administer a member’s exit from the system. No cancellation charges will be levied but the annual subscription cannot be refunded.

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