Plagiarising the advertised document will be prevented by redacting. Redacting can be performed by the seller or at extra cost, by GNTX. Read our redacting guide for full details of how GNTX redacts published content, and also for a guide on how you can redact your own content prior to submitting a document for publication. This will secure your document IP to the point that theft is highly unlikely.

Preventing plagiarisation of a purchased document is more difficult, but not impossible. Any theft of IP would be a direct breach of GNTX’s terms and conditions and could lead to account suspension & potential legal action against the offender.

As a member-only tool, GNTX retains details of all GNTX users, records of all purchases and details of who viewed GNTX documents, making it easier to trace responsibility for any suspected breach of IP. GNTX’s network of Clients can also assist in tracing any unlicensed use of a document downloaded from GNTX.

If members wish to go a step further in tracing a purchased document’s use, then Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection may be a solution for your organisation to consider.