Re-imagining the future

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Re-imagining the Future

GNTX is the first interactive platform for sharing non-competitive information, whether you are a Tier 1 (global) or a Tier 4 (start-up) or somewhere in between.

GNTX was developed alongside foundation operators.  It harnesses tried and tested technology and a mindset shift in business practise which recognises the value of sharing non-competitive information to drive collective learning and avoid mass duplication of effort.

At GNTX’s core is the strong belief that breaking down the traditional barriers of corporate mistrust is the next natural step in industry progress.  What’s more, it’s an innovation where everyone – individual operators, service providers and hazardous industries globally – win.

GNTX has worked with its foundation collaborators to restructure contractual obligations that previously prohibited sharing or re-using non-competitive information. This also eliminates the barriers many businesses faced with the cost-prohibitive investment of self-developing and implementing tools and content.

Now regardless of business size from start-ups to top tier, or location, or industry, GNTX’ers can:

  • Purchase best practice tools and content that other GNTX’ers have spent years investing in their development and refinement.

  • Recoup their investment by selling their best practice tools and content to other GNTX’ers.

  • Access free downloads.

It’s all about the give n’ take

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